Mediation vs. Litigation | The Pros And Cons

When you find yourself considering divorce or a child custody case, it can seem daunting and very much out of your control.  However, it does not have to be. You have the option of trying to mediate the issues before you find yourself in Court or in the middle of litigation.  Mediation is a great […]

Spousal Support 

  Spousal support is commonly referred to as alimony.  Spousal support is often the foremost financial concern in a divorce.  The common questions are: (1) how it is calculated? (2) how much may I be receiving or paying? (3) how long will I be receiving or paying support? A real concern is how you will […]

So You Have A Support Order But Are Not Receiving Payment… Now What?

Once you obtain a court order for child support or spousal support, the order must be followed.  This means if payment is not being made pursuant to that order, then you may need to take certain actions to enforce the order. If the paying parent is a W-2 employee and fails to make timely payments, then you […]

Adult Child Support | Does Your Child Qualify For This Extension?

As mentioned in the previous blog on child support, each parent has a duty to financially support their child.  However, the duty to financially support your child is during the time of “minority.” Minority is defined by the Family Code as continuing until the child marries, dies, is emancipated, reaches 19 or reaches 18, and is […]

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

If you are thinking about or have reached the decision that your marriage is over, you may be wondering how to end your marriage.  You have three options: You may informally separate, file for a legal separation, or file for a divorce. When we talk about separation, this is different from Legal Separation.  To state you […]

Can I Move Away with My Children?

If you wish to move with your child, you must notify the other parent.  If you are only moving close by, and the child’s school and custodial schedule will not be impacted, then this is merely a notification process.  This notice must be given to both the other parent and their attorney of record.  The […]

Communicating with a Co-Parent in the Era of Rapid-Fire Responses

Co-Parenting is a whole new ball game when you first start a family law matter. The hope is that both you and your co-parent are on amicable terms, but the reality is this may not be the case now or in the future. Learning to communicate with a co-parent can and will take time. You may even […]

Custody and Visitation Orders – What is the difference and what does it mean?

When you have a family law matter involving children, the main issue typically is regarding custody and visitation orders.  Custodial orders and visitation orders are not the same.  The custody order is referencing legal and physical custody.  In an initial custody and visitation order, the Court’s focus is, what is in the best interest of […]

Paternity Cases and Parentage Actions

When a child’s parents have never been married to one another, and there are issues of establishing parentage, custody, or support, you have a parentage action. A parentage action is also known as a paternity case. While a parentage action may be started when the parents are together to establish paternity, child support, and a […]

Child Support | What Is It And What Should I Look Out For?

Each parent has a duty to financially support their child or children.  In a divorce, separation, or parentage action, the Court will quantify this duty in the form of a child support order.  Child support is financial payments ordered for the maintenance and care of your child while in the other parties’ care.  Child support […]