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Meldie Moore, the founder and director of Moore Law for Children, is a mother with two children who received special education services. So, she understands the parents’ point of view. And it is with this personal and professional experience we came to choose this area of law to practice, special education law, because it is our passion. Our style is both gentle and strong. We are interested in using our voice, with the power of reason and persuasion. But, if reason fails, we are willing and highly qualified to engage the legal system in defense of your child.

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Our Mission Is Threefold: Simplify, Strategize, Succeed

We have experienced the anxiety that comes with the detection of a problem with a child, whether diagnosed or unidentified… Autism, ADD/ADHD, hearing impairments, visual impairments, intellectual disability and cognitive impairment, traumatic brain injury, physical disabilities, speech and language impairment, emotional disturbance, learning disabilities. We know how intimidating and complicated the process is, whether you are facing it for the first time, or still struggling with the school district after years. We remember how confusing all the unfamiliar terms and lingo can be: 504, IDEA, FAPE, IEP, LRE, Due Process…. we understand your frustration and your fear.

With this in mind, our first goal is to simplify things for you. We do this by listening to your concerns, answering your questions, and explaining the process to you.

The second goal is to strategize. We will identify the problems and legal issues, and we will work together with you to find the solutions. We will educate you and empower you to be a voice for your child. And through collaboration, we will present a strong and united team advocating for your child. We can guide you as you negotiate the process yourself, or we can negotiate with the school district for you. It is your decision.

We believe every child is entitled to free and appropriate education, without the headache and the heartache that brought you here looking for us. Let us simplify the process, be your special education legal advocate, and protect your child’s right to an education, so you can focus your energy on parenting. That is how we define success.

This is our passion – our promise to you.

When do you Need a Special Education Attorney?

When it comes to ensuring that your child receives the appropriate education and support they deserve, understanding the legal landscape can be intimidating. The California Special Education Lawyers at Moore Law for Children understand the challenges that parents face within the special education system. Our aim is to shed light on the circumstances under which you might need a special education attorney and the pivotal reasons to consider seeking one.

Understanding Special Education Law

The realm of special education law is vast. Laws such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) exist to ensure that children with disabilities have equal access to education. In California, this law takes on specific nuances that every parent should be aware of. Recognizing your rights and those of your child is key.

What a Special Ed Attorney Can Do

Special education law requires both a thorough understanding of the legal system and an innate sense of compassion for the families involved. Special Ed attorneys serve as essential pillars of support for parents and their children with special needs. Their role goes beyond mere representation. Here is a look into what they can offer.

Advocacy for Appropriate Services

Every child deserves an education tailored to their unique needs. An attorney can advocate for appropriate services, modifications, and accommodations to ensure that the child receives the best education possible. This includes reviewing IEPs, attending meetings, and ensuring the child’s rights are upheld.

Guidance Through Assessment and Evaluation

Understanding evaluations and assessments is vital in special education. An attorney can help parents request appropriate assessments, understand their rights regarding independent evaluations, and ensure that the results are used effectively in creating or modifying an IEP.

Ensuring Compliance with State and Federal Laws

In California, special education is governed by both state and federal laws. An attorney ensures that school districts comply with these laws, from the timely development of IEPs to the provision of Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

Negotiation with School Districts

Sometimes, disputes can be resolved without resorting to formal hearings. In such instances, having an attorney to negotiate terms with the school district can lead to quicker, amicable resolutions.

Representation in Mediation and Due Process Hearings

One of the key roles of a special education attorney is to represent families during mediation and due process hearings. When disputes arise between parents and school districts about a child’s education plan, an attorney can help ensure that the child’s rights are being met.

Protection Against Discrimination

Special Ed attorneys ensure that students are not discriminated against based on their disabilities. They work to guarantee that children have equal access to educational opportunities and are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Transition Planning

As students with special needs approach the end of their high school years, they face a unique set of challenges. A special education attorney can assist in ensuring smooth transitions, whether it’s to higher education, vocational training, or other post-secondary opportunities.

Support During Disciplinary Proceedings

For children with special needs, disciplinary actions can sometimes stem from misunderstandings related to their conditions. An attorney can step in to ensure that the child’s rights are protected and that any disciplinary measures are fair and appropriate.

Legal Counseling and Strategy Development

Beyond direct representation, a special education attorney can provide counsel to parents, helping them understand their rights and the best strategies to ensure their child receives the education they deserve.

At Moore Law for Children, we recognize that each child and situation is unique. Our approach to special education law is rooted in understanding, compassion, and a dedication to ensuring every child has the opportunity to thrive.

Prevent Future Legal Challenges

A less discussed but vital area is the intersection of special education and the juvenile justice system. Children with disabilities, unfortunately, may sometimes find themselves in situations that lead to disciplinary actions both at school and in the community. A special education attorney can work diligently to prevent situations where minor school incidents escalate to legal challenges in the courts, which can adversely affect a child’s future.

You Are Your Child’s Best Advocate

Always remember that as a parent, you know your child’s needs, strengths, and challenges better than anyone. Your voice, passion, and persistence are irreplaceable. We are here to stand beside you, reinforcing your advocacy with legal knowledge and compassionate understanding.

Benefits of Hiring a Special Education Attorney

  • Experience: Being familiar with California’s special education laws, an attorney can provide invaluable insights and direction.
  • Advocacy: Every child deserves a strong voice to champion their needs, especially in a legal setting.
  • Mediation and Litigation: Legal processes can be complex. An attorney can assist with mediation and represent your interests during any legal proceedings.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have professional support can alleviate the emotional and mental strain of ensuring your child’s educational rights are upheld.


How Moore Law for Children Can Help

At Moore Law for Children, we are dedicated to the families and children we serve. Our compassionate approach and unwavering commitment to excellence in special education law set us apart. We encourage you to take advantage of our consultations, offering a space for parents to share their concerns and seek guidance.

Protecting your child’s educational journey might require professional assistance. When faced with challenges in the special education system, remember the profound difference a dedicated attorney can make. At Moore Law for Children, we are ever-ready to support you and your child’s educational journey.

  1. Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE)
  2. Assessment
  3. Eligibility
  4. Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  5. 504 Plan
  6. Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE)
  7. Accommodations
  8. Mainstreaming & Inclusion
  9. Related Services
  10. Least Restrictive Environment
  11. Non-Public School Placement
  12. Residential Treatment Center Placement
  13. Reimbursement
  14. Compensatory Education
  15. Mediation
  16. Due Process
  17. Appeals
  18. Discipline Proceedings: Suspension & Expulsion
  19. Manifestation Determination
  20. Transition Services

So, if you are looking for a special education lawyer, please contact us today.  Located in Orange County, we serve all of Southern California, and remotely we can represent students anywhere in the State.

Let our family help yours.