Who We Are

Our Why

Embrace. Educate. Empower. Excel.

We are mothers. We are lawyers. We are committed to providing competent and compassionate legal services. Our mission is always to act with the utmost compassion, care, ethics and diligence. Our strategy is is four-fold. We seek to embrace our clients with compassion and understanding, supporting them in their time of need. We strive to educate our clients on their rights and options. We empower our clients to move forward towards a positive future for their family. And we do all this with the goal of excellence.

We know that of all jobs, the most important one is that of parent. Of all our valuables, the most precious is our children. We know that is true for every parent. Our promise to you is that we will fight for your family as we would our own.

We are Lawyers. We are Mothers.

As mothers, we know that there is nothing more important than family—our children come first. We also know that you want the very best for your family—we do, too. Moore Law for Children can help you grow your family through adoption or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), plan for your family’s future with estate planning, navigate a divorce or custody case, or represent your child in school or in court. We practice these specialized areas of law relating to children because it is our passion. We have struggled, just like you. Our personal experiences as parents, combined with our professional experiences as attorneys, make us uniquely qualified to handle legal issues involving children. We pride ourselves on competent, compassionate, and committed legal representation.

Let our family help yours.