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We are Lawyers. We are Mothers.

As mothers, we know that there is nothing more important than family—our children come first. We also know that you want the very best for your family—we do, too. Moore Law for Children can help you grow your family through adoption or Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), plan for your family’s future with estate planning, navigate a divorce or custody case, or protect your child’s education.

We practice these specialized areas of law relating to children because it is our passion. We have struggled, just like you. Our personal experiences as parents, combined with our professional experiences as attorneys, make us uniquely qualified to handle legal issues involving children. We pride ourselves on competent, compassionate, and committed legal representation.

At Moore Law for Children, we can help you...

Build Your Family

Whether you are a birth mother seeking help with an adoption plan, a family in the process of an adoption, or hopeful parents wanting to adopt, we can help you. We are also well-versed in matters of Assisted Reproduction and Legal Guardianship. Let us help you grow your family!

Protect Your Family

We know how important it is to keep your children safe, secure, and academically on track. Protecting your child now, protects their future. If you need legal representation for your child in school or court, or if you need help navigating a divorce, you can trust Moore Law for Children to be your “family first” partner.

Plan For Your Family’s Future

You want to ensure that whatever may happen to you, your children will be provided for. Whether you need to secure your children’s future through estate planning, limited conservatorship, or special needs trusts, Moore Law for Children can help you.

Embrace. Educate. Empower.


Let our family help yours.