We are all Graduates of 2020!

“What would you have today if you woke up with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?”  – J. Courtney Sullivan, “Saints for All Occasions”

This June brought me so much joy with all of photos on social media of the graduations and announcements of kids going off to college – in person – this fall. It is hard to fathom we are almost halfway through 2021. The grim feelings of 2020 are slowly fading away, even as we grieve all those lost, honor the courage of those on the front lines, and remember our communal sacrifices and challenges. Like the sun appearing through the dark clouds, we once again are seeing smiles as the masks are removed, touching our family and friends as we greet them in person, and venturing away from our homes to once again travel.

And I try to remember to be thankful every day, for I have so much to be grateful for. And I try to not lose sight of the lessons learned and blessings found through the hardships and forced changes in the last year and a half. Much like a graduate giddy with accomplishment and celebration, and with anticipation for a hopeful and bright future, yet clinging to that we don’t want to lose or leave behind, we go forth into the future with a newfound knowledge and wisdom.

For the month of May and well into June, my team and I celebrated our blessings with 28 different gratitude exercises from the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. There is so much to be grateful for: Our health, our homes, our families and friends, each other, and you. We are grateful to have survived 2020, and to be halfway through 2021, moving towards a world where we once again can feel safe when we walk outside, return to work and school, to travel and to hug our loved ones.

In order to give a little back, cast a ripple of kindness, for this month’s Wave of Change I wanted to support our local restaurants. I ordered in lunch each week for the team from some of our favorite local eateries: Zinc Café, La Sirena, Adonis Mediterranean Grill and Nirvana Grille. It was wonderful to bond over food together again.