Private School v. Public School Discipline: What You Need to Know When Selecting a School for Your Child in California.

There is a difference between how a private school handles student discipline and how a public school handles student discipline. Each private school has its own discipline policies. When a student starts at a private school, the parents and the student sign a contract with the school promising to abide by these policies. Unless the school receives government funding, these policies are not regulated by the state or federal government. Private schools typically have the discretion to handle school discipline issues however they see fit and have that discretion built into these policies. This means that when handling discipline issues with a private school, the private school has complete authority to act under the policies agreed upon by the parents and the student. The best way to handle disciplinary issues with a private school is to try and negotiate with the school to resolve the discipline problem.

Unlike private schools, public schools are regulated by state and federal government and are subjected to state and federal laws pertaining to school discipline. In California, for example, if a student is suspended from school, the student has a right to a pre-suspension meeting, the suspension can only be up to five days at a time, and the school must have tried alternative means of correction before suspension if this is the student’s first offense unless the offense is serious or violent.

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