A Son’s Perspective on His Mom

“When you start something you do not quit.” This is a saying that my mom would always tell me. In my opinion, she is one of the most influential people I have ever known because, she has gotten me to do great things, I have looked up to her achievements, and she is very loving and nurturing. She has always helped me when I needed it or saw a great opportunity that would make my life better.

First of all, my mom has gotten me to do great things. She convinced me to start doing cub scouts which I did that for five years and I recently transferred into boy scouts with no intention of quitting. Now, I love boy scouts because I get to camp, hike with my friends, and learn valuable lessons. Furthermore, she had me start piano which I have been doing for three years and I love that too. My mom recently inspired me to do martial arts and I have committed to it for a year now. She has always gotten me to do great things. I have also always looked up to my mom.

In addition to the many reasons my mom, has been so influential in my life one of the most important ones is that I look up to what she does for work. She is a lawyer for children and does many things to advocate and help them. First of all, she helps kids get adopted and makes their lives better because they are given an oppo11unity to be adopted into a family who will truly nurture them just as my mom does me. In addition to that, she stands up for kids if they get in trouble at school when they didn’t do anything or when their side wasn’t heard. She advocated for them and makes sure their constitutional rights are met. She will not stop working until it is fair. There are so many kids and families who she helped them get a nice family or stood up for them when something was not fair for them. Therefore, my mom has done great things in her career In addition to being an amazing lawyer who helps many people, she e is also very nurturing to myself and our family.

Lastly, my mom has been an immensely influential person in my life because she always nurtures me. Whenever I am sick she lovingly cares for me. She will take the day off of work just to take care of me and help make me feel better. For example. one time when I was camping with my dad and I became sick, my mom showed up to the campground to have fun, but instead she brought me home. She drove a total of two hours to get their and bring me home when she found out I was sick. When I am at the nurses office sick and they call her she makes sure I am okay and then picks me up I need it. Therefore, I hope to adopt the same nurturing qualities that my loving mom has.

In conclusion, my mom has always helped me become a better person and inspired me to follow my passions and dreams. She has gotten me to do great things, I look up to her achievements, and she is very nurturing. I do not know what I would do without her. I love my mom and she is my most influential person in my life!