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Family law issues involving children, money, and/or an estate can quickly become contentious. While it is ideal and always our objective for you to go through a divorce in the most amicable way, that is not always possible.

We help our clients find success, however that is defined by our client, using our negotiation skills, experience, and legal knowledge. We have handled a multitude of spousal support cases and we are prepared to fight for you in court with fervor and tenacity. Moore Law for Children is the law firm for you.

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When going through a divorce, one of the most combative issues can be spousal support, commonly known as alimony. Typically, the spouse or partner that is financially stronger will be ordered to make payments to the other in the amounts and timeframes set by the court during the divorce process.

Whether you pay or receive spousal support, Moore Law for Children can help you negotiate fair terms and generate a compelling case so that you are cared for financially. The attorneys at Moore Law for Children work to obtain fair results for their clients under the law.

What is Spousal Support?

Spousal support is the court-mandated financial assistance one spouse provides to the other as a result of a divorce settlement. The court decides the conditions and amount of spousal support as part of their judgment. When determining spousal support, the courts may consider the following factors:

  • Current income
  • Income-earning potential
  • Age of both parties
  • Health of both parties
  • Length of the marriage
  • Quality of life during the marriage
  • The non-financial contributions each party made during the marriage

Can Spousal Support be Enforced if my Ex-Spouse Refuses to Pay?

If your spouse fails to pay the decided upon spousal support or pays less than the required amount, our lawyers can help you to pursue legal action to enforce the payments. You do not deserve to suffer financial hardship because your ex-spouse refuses to pay what they are obligated to pay you. Contact one of our family law attorneys today to help you with this process.

Can Spousal Support be Modified?

  • Yes, spousal support can be modified upon a showing of a change in circumstances. These might include:
  • a decrease in the supporting party’s income
  • an increase in the supported party’s income
  • retirement
  • a loss of child support
  • the supported spouse’s refusal to attempt to become self-supporting within a reasonable time, or
  • cohabitation by the supported party.


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