Is your child getting the education they deserve?

Many families have been hit hard during COVID, and special needs students in California are experiencing huge gaps in their specialized education services and programs.

You have every right to have your school districts provide an IEP that meets the educational, social and emotional needs of your child, whether at school, in a hybrid model, or 100% distance learning.

The Mothers at Moore Law for Children understand the
unique needs of special needs students.

n California, no two school districts are alike when it comes to in-class, hybrid, or remote-only distant learning and how they are handling the unique needs of students in special education. Equally as confusing are the different and inconsistent ways school districts are handling assessments, IEPs, in person services, and compensatory education.

We have developed a Webinar to answer your questions about the new Covid-19 rules, your child’s education rights, and the school district’s responsibilities to provide a free, appropriate education during the pandemic.

Is your child’s special education program insufficient in meeting their needs?

Our Webinar discusses:

Parents across the State of California are contacting Moore Law for Children for answers on what are their children entitled to with respect to their IEP services, assessments and special education during Covid.

Together, we can influence change and get your child back on track with the special education plan your child needs.

Watch the Webinar at Your Convenience