Melanie Miller


Legal Background

Melanie attended Kaplan University, where she completed two years toward her AA Degree in Paralegal Studies with an emphasis in family law. Melanie spent the next seventeen years working with various law firms where she was certified as a paralegal while building her career in family law.  In an effort to diversify and expand her legal experience, while continuing her work as a family law paralegal, Melanie accepted a position with the Orange County Superior Court. She gained fifteen additional years of experience working in the areas of criminal law, family law, domestic violence, and civil small claims. These experiences provided Melanie with extensive knowledge of various areas of the law.  

Due to her diverse legal background, Melanie then had the professional honor to work as the chosen assigned clerk for the Honorable Judge Beatriz MG Gordon for five years, followed by an additional five years working as the chosen assigned clerk for Honorable Judge Jeffrey Ferguson. Melanie possesses vast knowledge of courtroom rules and regulations, processes, and procedures. Melanie’s legal knowledge and experience have proven to be an essential asset to the Moore Law for Children team. 

Message from Melanie

I was only seven years old when I had a dream of pursuing a career in the legal field, working with special needs children. At thirteen, I put that dream into action and spent the remainder of my school career as a teacher’s assistant in the special education classrooms. As the mother of five wonderful children, three of whom require various special education services, I have gained firsthand experience in overcoming the many struggles that families and children face who require special education services. For the past twenty-five years, I have advocated for adequate special education services in school districts, volunteered for various non-profit organizations aimed at raising awareness for mental health conditions such as autism, and have made personal sacrifices to further the success of children in special education programs. I understand the importance of advocating for adequate special education services to ensure all children receive a quality education.  I feel grateful for the opportunity to work at Moore Law for Children because of the unique opportunity to work with such amazing women in a field that allows me to pursue my passion for special education in the legal field.