Maren Hufton


Practice Area: Higher Education Discipline and Title IX investigations


Maren B. Hufton is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. She earned a B.A. in History from the University of California, Davis. Prior to law school, she also completed graduate courses in Education and Teaching at Chapman University to obtain her California Multiple and Single-Subject K-12 Teaching Credentials.

Administrative and Teaching Experience

Maren has significant hands-on investigation and Higher Education executive management experience involving matters of civil rights, labor & employment, due process, and compliance. A certified Title IX Coordinator and Investigator, and a certified ADA/504 Coordinator, Maren has addressed hundreds of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and sexual misconduct matters as an administrator at a nationally-ranked university. Maren is a skilled factfinder with deep knowledge of the complex Title IX landscape, having soundly steered a campus through the implementation of state and federally mandated-hearing models and other public safety responsibilities. Maren collaborates with administrators, management, faculty, staff, students, advisors, parents, and supporters to promote an equitable and inclusive learning and working environment by advancing equal opportunity and fostering belonging. She has proven experience navigating policies centering trauma-informed practices, access to education, and the student, faculty, and staff experience, while enhancing due process and avoiding litigation. Prior to becoming an attorney, Maren taught public school in southern California, where she taught middle school P.E., Language Arts, Social Studies, and Latin.

Law and Advocacy

Before Maren was a Higher Education administrator, Maren spent more than a decade as a litigator and corporate attorney at a large Orange County-based business law firm. There, Maren became a partner specializing in government and internal investigations – deftly handling matters before a host of agencies and regulators, including both the civil and criminal divisions of the DOJ, SEC, FINRA, FDA, FCC FDA, as well as the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce, state agencies like the CA Department of Corporations, and state and local law enforcement authorities in California, New York, and Florida. Maren is a trusted advocate with demonstrated agility with diversity and the unexpected, exceptionally able to help clients understand and navigate government, legal, and administrative systems. She vigorously defended against and managed all aspects of corporate and government investigations regarding compliance with federal laws and regulations. Maren brings exceptional federal law and civil litigation expertise to Moore Law, having litigated disputes in U.S. District and state courts, and handled arbitrations and other administrative proceedings.

Message from Maren

About the time my youngest child began elementary school, I saw an opportunity to apply the skills honed practicing law for more than a decade at a large business law firm to civil rights & compliance work in the education sector. As a mother and former educator, I can relate to the unique experiences of families, students, and employees. At Moore Law for Children, I utilize my substantial legal and institutional experience to advocate for the goals of individuals with compassion and competency. I seek and achieve meaningful results, in lieu of costly and distressing litigation.