M. Blake Cary



M. Blake Cary is a native resident of Orange County, California. Blake graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She then completed her Master of Arts degree in Psychology (Marriage and Family Therapy, “MFT”) from Chapman University. During her attendance at Chapman, she was a member of the Psi Chi Honors Society, American Psychological Association. From there, Blake went on to complete her legal education at Whittier Law School. During her time in law school, she was a Constitutional Law Teaching Assistant, received her Intellectual Property Certificate, and earned an American Jurisprudence/CALI Excellence Award in Trademark Prosecution.


Upon completion of graduate school, Blake worked for the County of Orange, Social Services Agency in the Family Reunification and Family Maintenance Department. Blake conducted legal guardian assessments, risk assessments and crisis coordination, designed treatment plans, wrote juvenile/dependency court reports, prepared custody orders, investigated child abuse reports, recommended placements in foster-adoptive homes, foster homes, residential care facilities and other out-of-home options, and managed and testified on family maintenance and reunification cases. She completed her 3,000 clinical MFT hours and 100 Public Child Welfare Agency training hours. Her career has mainly been focused on helping children with social-emotional disturbances, intellectual disabilities, and other health impairments like ADHD. Blake became a licensed MFT after graduating from law school and is a member in the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Upon completion of law school, Blake worked for a company that managed vacation properties throughout the United States. Her work was primarily centered on homeowners’ association matters and real estate transactions.

Blake worked as a substitute teacher for grades K – 12 and completed training courses on being a Mandated Reporter, Sexual Harassment Prevention, and Youth Suicide.

Blake creates educational, fun, and engaging mobile applications for children and adults. Most of the adult game applications are designed to help with cognitive activity by way of providing stimulating hidden object puzzles.

Message from Blake

Personally and professionally, I understand firsthand how raising children or working with children doesn’t always go as planned and a consistent, empathic, patient approach is fundamentally necessary in developing a successful relationship with them and their guardian. I also have experience in family formation and understand the emotional, financial, and physical impact this can have on an individual and families.

Much like my approach in working with children, I apply some key principles in collaborating with clients and families: express support, listen when feelings are expressed, build connections, advocate and defend rights, build confidence by access to information/resources and gain knowledge to take personal ownership of your rights, be consistent, and be patient.