You may be experiencing fear, sadness, or confusion.

We want to assure you that these feelings are quite normal.

We want you to know that millions of women who have chosen the gift of adoption began experiencing feelings of hope and positivity for their children and for themselves.

The women at Moore Law for Children understand adoption from all perspectives.

Our team includes a birth mother, an adoptive mother, and an adoptee, so we understand adoption through our own experiences. We have personally been through the pain of the loss in adoption, the joy from the gift of adoption, and the peace from knowing that adoption is a part of our life journey. We are ready to listen to you, answer your questions about adoption, share our experiences with you, and help you determine if this path is right for you and your unborn child.

Your pregnancy. Your rights. Your decision.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by questions about the process of adoption, or wondering what steps to take to ensure that the interests of both you and your child are met?

Here are some of the ways we can help mothers who choose the gift of adoption:

• Finding the Right Family for Your Child
• Confidentiality
• Financial Concerns
• The Birth Father’s Rights
• Grieving the Decision

If you are feeling overwhelmed, scared, and fragile, you are not alone.

We understand the range of emotions you are experiencing. The gift of life is precious, and developing a plan to ensure your child’s future and well-being through adoption is an important decision that you want to make with confidence.

Our Birth Mother’s Guide to Adoption is the first step you can take in developing a loving plan, and it will provide you with answers to some of your most critical questions.

Let’s take the first step together toward the gift of adoption—contact us today to receive our free Birth Mother's Guide.

If you’d like help or additional information as well, please reach out to us confidentially using the form below. You can also call and speak to us at (949) 751-1417.